Fuise epic scripts

The name of these scripts is a variation of the word Fish (I have an unhealthy obsession with that word and my hard drive is littered with test binaries, text files and other things called things like fish.text, fish, fish.pl, fish.c, etc.)

The name Fuise is derived like this "fuise: Fame, gUIlt, nauSEous" to produce Fish.

One of the main reasons I made this set of scripts is I cant stand the excessive use of colours in other epic script sets. I have got minimal amounts of colour use and not many instances of using bright colours. Also the colours can be turned off and turning them off stops all colour output anywhere. (especially in logs) I also have a 1 line perl script with this that will remove all the colour codes from logs that this script set generates.

A few month old screen shot of fuise, the look doesnt change much as I am happy with it, although the code size is increasing often and much.

Current Features

In no specific order...

Proposed Additions Before First Release

I did have a set of functions to log and handle users with ugly quit messages. I have since disabled this for various reasons but will probably distribute the code and current uglylist (195 entries) with fuise.
The official Epic Homepage.

I have gotten ideas and inspiration often (and I admit code snippets) from the epis scripts Light by Liandrin and Splitfire by Nuke.

I came across this variation of the spelling thanks to one of the Undernet #linux regulars nicknamed Liandrin (also the author of the script set called Light mentioned)

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