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So bodgy you're just bodgy Bodgy enough to be interesting The latest bodgy fashion fad
  1. Do you wear ugboots shopping?

  2. Have you ever recited bible passages while on the toilet?

  3. Do you regularly eat breakfast at McDonalds?

  4. Is your pocket protector orange?

  5. Do you find yourself cleaning your toes on Friday nights?

  6. Does your pet cockroach live in a matchbox?

  7. Do you keep 1Mb of Pi in your Favourites directory?

  8. Do you wear Microsoft brand sunglasses?
  1. Do you wear blue suede shoes to work?

  2. Have you read the bible while swinging from a tree?

  3. Do you only eat the gherkin when you buy a burger?

  4. Does your pocket protector dispense good condoms?

  5. Do you wear imitation leopard skin false toenails?

  6. Does your pet matchbox live in a cockroach?

  7. Have you applied Pi to your bedroom decoration?

  8. Did you design Windows 95?
  1. Do you exclusively wear lumberjack boots?

  2. Do you stick bible pages together and send them as postcards?

  3. Did you convince your friends to work at McDonalds and then hide?

  4. Do you bravely leave your pockets unprotected?

  5. Do your toes never leave your attractive lumberjack boots?

  6. Do you save the earth and recycle matchboxes and cockroaches?

  7. Are you frankly more interested in pie than Pi?

  8. Have you met satan? Or Bill Gates?

Congratulations on achieving one of these personality indexes. If you failed miserably on all counts
please compensate for sanity.