The Buttload - #linux Quotes

new release, buttload5 release 7 on 2003-01-30 read it here or the full text version.
There is now a buttload announce mailing list, on this I will send out announcements of the new releases (and I suppose maybe one or two others things, but that is unlikely, this is a very low volume mailing list), it is a mailman based list so I am sure you all know what to do if you want on

There are html versions of buttload 3 onwards, use a short perl script to generate them, finally fixed it so the output is even somewhat nice (04/10/99).
The boundaries between each release are clearly marked.

The buttload files contain irc quotes from #linux and similar related channels on the undernet irc network.

These quotes were recorded for their amusement value, it all started eons ago (well a few years really) with the original buttload, this was mostly recorded by Wintre and some by joefu it seems.

Next came buttload2, this was short lived (but still amusing) recorded by asako, unfortunately this buttload has been mostly discontinued as asako is unable to live on irc for long periods of time currently. (wow he may actually have a life unlike the rest of us)

Then inspired by buttload2 and the original buttload another op on #linux started recording quotes and reaching back into over 98 MB of irc logs for more quotes to create the third buttload.

Buttload 4 finished at release 9.

And now there is a buttload five, the current buttload.

The html version of the buttload files allow links to the releases.
The Releases of buttload3 One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
The Releases of buttload4 One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven Eight Nine
The Releases of buttload5 One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

The Files

The Files Are available at buttload the original, the second buttload, the third, the fourth, and now the new current buttload number five.

Also by request here is a file with a list of the buttload gifts I have given out that I can find in my logs at a quick glance. I have stopped handing out gifts in recent times, if people liked them or think I should start doing so again just send me an email.

Also not buttload related but amusing as all heck I thought was this page about how people in different professions hunt elephants also worth a read.

Below are some commentary and assorted quotes (yeah quotes of quotes... I live a small and protected life) if you wish to read this before grabbing the files.

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