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Mon, 29 Jun 2009

Lots of time on foot - 11:09
Yesterday I carried my Garmin in a jar in my backpack so I now know I did 42.8km in the 4h47 minutes spent moving during the metrogaine yesterday. In the end we came in 14 minutes late. After our score was adjusted for the loss of 140 points we had 830 points.

Early on in the event my camelback bladder burst when I slipped walking down off Mt Ainslie and landed on the backpack. Fortunately our course was taking us around 500 metres from my house so we made a detour 20 minutes later and I got a new bladder and changed out of my soaked jersey. Later on on Black Mountain we made a small nav error coming down from the summit trail looking for a 40 point control. We started looking for it too early above the fire roads. It took us about 8 minutes of searching and looking at land features to realise they did not match, look closer at the map and realise we had to head down another 100 metres in a gully to find the control.

Paul was a strong team mate and we got through the day well, today I hurt a lot I can definitely feel I did something on the weekend.

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Sat, 27 Jun 2009

Some races this weekend - 17:01
Today I went out to sparrow hill and raced in the CORC 3 hour race at Sparrow Hill, it was kind of fun. Though my lack of long rides in the last year or two shows, I was pretty good for 2 hours keeping my speed up and heart rate above 150, then my last two and a half laps I just did not have any oomph left in me to go hard. Still a good event, huge turnout, thanks to Paul, Sue, Sherri, Russ, etc for putting it on and to Kent and Bec for the coffee and Leanne for the food out there.

Tomorrow I will be doing the 2009 ACTRA Metrogaine with a friend Paul. As Paul is fit and keen to have a good crack at it I suspect we will both be pushing ourselves pretty hard for the 5 hours of the event. Ahh well I need to do more stuff like races this weekend to HTFU from time to time I think. Fun has been and will be had.

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Fri, 26 Jun 2009

ROUS exist, how cool - 14:08
An unusual seeming pet but I was excited to see that it seems R.O.U.S exist for real. Anyone out there want a 100lb rat as a pet? (ahh princess bride moments that could happen for real, what entertainment there is in the world)

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Tue, 23 Jun 2009

Some amusing cartoons in The Australian - 16:29

The Australian pocket cartoon 2009-06-23
Two days in a row now I have had a good laugh at the small pocket cartoon on the front page of The Australian newspaper. Today was the the cartoon on the left, yesterday was Rudd suggesting Swan can at least use the ute to clear out his office.

In the context of the cartoon today it is interesting to see the Sauce bottle language has gotten some international coverage.

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Fri, 12 Jun 2009

Fairy Geo - Geoquest Half 2009 - 12:12

The snake I stepped on (fullsize)
Okay so the name Fairy Geo may not be entirely fair, however I heard Pete (from Entropic who won the half) start using the term (largely due to the Fairy Bells at Hells Bells) and I liked it. This year I had no plan to enter the full Geo, so when my cousin Scott asked me to be on his team I was kind of interested. Largely because the race was not at all daunting or challenging sounding to only do the half with a team not trying to go faster than the full course teams.

So I went up there last weekend and had a fun 29 hours of racing. Both my team mate Greg and I took photos which I have uploaded to a 2009 Geoquest Photos page, thanks to Scott, Greg and Su for a good race. Many thanks to Kim and Terry for support and I hope everyone enjoyed it, I did.

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Wed, 10 Jun 2009

Reasons for O pants - 14:33

Evidence of forgotten equipment (fullsize)
At home I have Orienteering pants, Gore Tex gators, Cycling Leg warmers and a few other options for covering my legs when Rogaining, or racing. These are all good items of clothing to have and most useful to keep your legs from getting too scratched. It helps even more when you do not leave them all in Canberra when heading off for a race.

Look at the photo and guess what clothing I left in Canberra this time round when I headed up for the Fairy Geo. My shins and other calf are also pretty bad, though none of the rather impressive lower scratch from sliding down a rock, which admittedly I would still have through O Pants. Maybe I should have had lists and more effective packing for the race. Still it was fun so what does it matter if I have battle scars, I hear chicks dig scars anyway...

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Wed, 03 Jun 2009

Raining on those adamant computers - 15:38
This morning I headed out for the road ride as i tend to on Wednesday mornings. I had 10 minutes spare once I was dressed and ready to go so I switched the laptop on to check the weather forecast and radar. The Canberra radar was broken so I looked at the 256km image from Sydney. According to that image there was no rain (even light rain) near Canberra.

As I stepped out the door to get the bike from the garage and head out riding it was pretty damn wet with some precipitation falling. When I got to the ride Ron pointed out that my checking of the weather radar for conditions was a very geeky way to see if I should ride. I admit, through my extensive testing of the claim that it was not raining I had pretty much decided the claim was false by the time I got to Dickson.

We went riding and got pretty wet and cold anyway, however I was amused later to hear that Simon (jokingly I am sure) has on occasion checked the weather radar from his iphone while actually out riding in a group and claimed it was not raining due to the radar image even when the experienced evidence at that point in time said otherwise.

Of course computers are never wrong so we must believe what they say...

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Mon, 01 Jun 2009

An interesting languages comparison - 15:45
I got the link to this from Tony and it is interesting to see the results of these tests. The speed, size and dependability of programming languages uses code from the Computer Language Benchmarks Game to generate some information comparing many (72) different languages.

Back in 1999 and 2000 I put a pretty trivial example of a single problem being solved in multiple languages online. In this case scanning html for entities, largely because I was mildly interested in how different languages and the different implementations of them may solve the same problem and the time it would take. I say mildly interested because it is such a trivial example and because I did not put much effort in. (I was amazed a few weeks ago to get an email from someone rerunning these to see if recent Java implementations had caught up to c yet).

The person who wrote this speed, size and dependability post put a lot more effort in and actually was able to draw some interesting conclusions about languages and how they work and develop over time. For the geeks out there I recommend having a look.

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