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Sat, 28 Jan 2006

Mark Shuttleworth talk notes. - 12:54
So the keynote this morning was from Mark Shuttleworth, talking about collaboration between open source projects (lca link), as I missed the best of sessions (too busy running around telling people what the best of sessions were.... oh and I guess a need to use some bandwidth before I lose it for two weeks) this is the last of the talk notes I will be uploading from lca.

[/lca] link

My NZ Mtb trip in May 2005, oh and some ghosts. - 12:37
In May last year I headed over to New Zealand and competed in the Cateye Moonride 12 Hour race as a solo, then did some more riding and travelling in New Zealand. At the end of the week I flew south to Dunedin for the Ghosts of lca past meeting for the weekend to assist the lca2006 crew in preparations for 2006.

As I am back in New Zealand again at the moment and about to do 2 weeks of mountain bike riding, which will include competing in the n-duro 24 hour race. I thought I had better upload these photos before the next trip really has gotten under way. (Also while I still have bandwidth at lca right now).

My May 2005 NZ Photos are now online. Also I have a write up of the race in an email from the time.

[/mtb] link

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