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Tue, 29 Jul 2008

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 17:35

Vitasoy Heart, Yummmmmmmmmm (fullsize)
What do you know, it is Tuesday afternoon and I have a 1 litre UHT container of the yummiest milk sold sitting in my office ready for a bit of Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging.

They add oats to this soy milk to give us Vitasoy Heart, so most of the Vitasoy milks are already among the yummiest available (definitely superior to So Good), however this one really is fantastic. Now if only more supermarkets stocked it.

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Wed, 24 Oct 2007

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 17:29

Milk Carton Cafe (fullsize)
Wednesday edition:

Further proof appeared recently that LA really can cater to all needs. As much as I dislike the city I was impressed to see there is a Milk carton cafe (sort of) over there. Just the thing to go visit on a random Tuesday afternoon, it would be perfect apart from two things: Today is Wednesday, and there is a slight geographical displacement

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Tue, 10 Jul 2007

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 16:38

milk car ton

The above image obviously fits here, if the facts are to be believed. One Holstein cow can weigh between 1100 and 1500 lbs generally. Taking the lower limit in case we have small cows, 1100 lbs is around 498 KG. So to have a Ton of cows we need two of them. These are also the traditionally imagined milk producing cows, thus milk and ton are both in there. All we really needed was a car.

This also opens us up to the idea of needing proof of having Two Cows, of course many other thought exercises are available here. For example these cows are obviously clones, cows are one fantastic example of data storage, they map out a lot of information about Cowness in general, so we have some massive raid array (two cows) of redundant cow information. As Tanenbaum almost said, "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon with two cows hurtling down the highway".

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Tue, 12 Dec 2006

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 12:00
So no photos, and possibly not directly about milk cartons, though there is mention of printing information other than missing person details on milk cartons in this story. Kottke had a link to a news story about the US Dairy Industry Crushing an Innovator who tried to get around the entrenched milk price fixing system in the US.

Maybe it is because I am a West Wing junkie or maybe it is because it is just interesting to see some of the ins and outs of the system over there, but it is a fascinating read into US politics as they relate to milk (and subsequently milk cartons (to tie in with this post)).

It does definitely seem the various big companies in the US Dairy industry have a lot of money to throw around, thus I am not surprised the guy who owns is holding out for serious offers to buy the domain only and is otherwise happy to use it for his own purposes. Good on him.

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Tue, 28 Nov 2006

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 15:26

Dutch Milk (fullsize)
The milk is back, well actually the carton is back, there is no real proof that it currently contains milk. Who knows with the beer near by it may be a beer carton. (I leave it as an exercise for the viewer to work out which of the containers is more likely to contain which liquid under common circumstances).

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Tue, 22 Aug 2006

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 12:00

UK Milk Carton
I notice this milk still has English writing on it, thus it is not really exotic for us Aussies. Though I guess it is at least real English writing as it is from Kent in England. None of this Aussie or American English emblazoned across the carton. You can probably tell it is milk from Ol Blighty just by looking at the picture. They have green grass, if it were Australian milk and they were going for a similar truth in advertising it would have to have a field of brown grass or simply hay scattered on dirt I guess.

I guess with the rampant greenery it could be from Kiwiland, except the measurement is in pints, the Kiwis at least use metric everywhere.

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Tue, 15 Aug 2006

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 12:00

New York Milk Carton
This photo from around July 6th in New York has branding suggesting you consume the product 365 days a year maybe. I guess that is acceptable with milk, however I shudder at the thought of having a tall cold glass of cold pressed olive oil 365 days a year as the bottle of 365 olive oil in the background may suggest.

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Mon, 07 Aug 2006

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 12:00
Monday Edition.

Saw this link on BoingBoing today to reviews of the 1 Gallon jug of Tuscan Grade A Milk. Highly amusing, if you have a milk carton large enough to hold a Gallon (3.785 litres) of milk what would you do with it?

Now that amazon is selling groceries many people have started reviewing the groceries, mostly in a similar humorous vein.

[/various/milkcarton] link

Tue, 11 Apr 2006

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 14:30

Exotic USAnian Milk
Ahh my job here is done, my Milk Carton collection finally has an exotic foreign milk carton. Though maybe I had better not hang up my Milk Carton Blogging hat quite yet. This is USAnian milk, if you look at the enlarged photo you can even see where it says "Product of the USA". However this milk may not be exotic to people who live in the USA. Sure it is lactose free and probably healthy, but is it really exotic? Where are the rare birds sighted for the first time ever in the middle of a jungle? Where are the cannibals? Where are the belly dancing cowboys (okay so that would possibly be Kings Cross milk and maybe not terribly exotic either)? However I think you should all thank Andrew for this glimpse into the milk cartons of America.

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Tue, 04 Apr 2006

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 20:35

New location for the magnetic cow
The magnetic cow has migrated to the top of my monitor as can be seen in this web cam photo.

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Tue, 01 Nov 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 00:00
Meyenberg Goat's Milk
Got Goat's Milk?
As has been pointed out, a milk carton may contain other types of milk, Cows are not the only source of contents for these venerable containers. To the left is a milk carton containing Goat's Milk from the company Meyenberg (large producer of Goat's Milk in the US). It can be argued that Goat's milk is healthier for you or at least it may be a better baby food than Cow milk.

Though I would suggest the biggest advantage me be that we will never see another milk carton desecrated with big black splotches, through Goat's have been known to have black splotches, the image of a Goat in the public mind does not, thus opening up milk carton designs to whole new splotch free realms.

[/various/milkcarton] link

Wed, 28 Sep 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 12:46
Today rather than a passive display of information pertaining to milk cartons or some photo of a milk carton I thought it best to sit down with one of these revered calcium rich liquid containers and ask a few questions of it in order to further understand the life and times of your average milk carton. Thus I present you with.

Interview with a Vampi^WMilk Carton

sjh: So why is it that Buffy so regularly kick's your arse?
MC: Who/What is this Buffy of which you speak?

sjh: Oops, yeah I was still lost with the whole interview title mixup in my head, there must have been a milk carton involved somewhere
MC: Whatever

sjh: So you are a milk carton, when people wander up to you in the street, how do you prove to them that you are in fact a milk carton? Or do we need to take it as an article of faith that you are a milk carton?
MC: Well in my case there is a fair amount of Scientific Method that could be applied to back up any claims I make in relation to actually being a milk carton. My mostly rectangular cartonesque shape, labels pertaining to my milky contents, I would hope there is no need to extract milk from within and test that, however that is also an option. I hope not too many would feel the need to tickle, prick or poison me to learn how identical I am to other milk cartons.

sjh: So you are fairly sure anyone wishing to apply scientific methodology will believe claims that you are a milk carton, however what do you claim to those who wish to ignore such methods?
MC: If a bunch of skeptics wished to ignore scientific methodology and were really not interested in learning more I could get away with murder, I can go around claiming to be a herd of buffalo or a carrot cake and there would be no sensible way to refute my claims, it may even be fun.

sjh: There is a continuing theme in the collective conscious of many people about the missing person's ads that have appeared on milk cartons in the past. Conspiracy theorists may suggest milk cartons even had something to do with the disappearance of these people, what do you think of all of this?
MC: Sure there are many theories about what may have happened to all those people on the milk cartons, you should of course be careful of what to believe lest people think you a little strange.

sjh: You really don't seem to be answering the questions posed to you, is there any reason you are simply touching on the topic and then trying to distract me with possibly related information?
MC: No Comment

sjh: Thank you for your time, I hope you have no problems returning to your milk cartony ways after this brush with blogdom.
MC: No comment.

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Wed, 21 Sep 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 14:32
Feel Good Wednesday Edition

Feel Good Milk Carton
Well do ya punk? (full size)

[/various/milkcarton] link

Wed, 14 Sep 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 14:59
Wednesday edition.

Milkcarton rules for today.

  1. There is no Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging
  2. You do not talk about milk cartons.
  3. There probably was not even a Tuesday or a milk carton more than five minutes ago.
  4. You must put away the hot pink pants on Sunday arvo in Victoria
  5. If you are attacked by a milk carton wielding criminal in Arkansas you may defend yourself only with a similar milk carton
  6. There is no rule 6

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Tue, 06 Sep 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 20:53
So yeah this looks like a night time edition of the afternoon milk carton blogging, ahh well we can't have everything. Actually *milkcarton* I think maybe that last statement about not having stuff could in fact be correct. For the life of *milkcarton* me I can not think of anything to write here or a photo to take and place here *milkcarton* that involves those oh so important calcium rich liquid containers.

It could thus be su*milkcarton*ggested there is no real point to this post, after all what is a blog post on a given subject with no content about the subject? Of course maybe I just need *milkcarton* to keep up the meme, or maybe there is some sort of subliminal message here keeping this post on topic. If it is some subversive *nerdlihc ruoy retfa era snotracklim* message I hope it is a good one and not some sort of satanic death metal scare story thing.

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Tue, 30 Aug 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 16:25

Baked goods or milk cartons in disguise? (full size)
I was wandering through a supermarket this morning and came across this milk carton among baked goods. I suspected initially that this was simply more evidence of how poor the camouflage abilities of your average milk carton really are. Just like the OAK milk carton attempting to hide among gums and wattles, here was a milk carton attempting to hide amongst croissant's and pan au chocolat.

However this got me wondering, what if I was wrong, what if in fact the camouflage on the milk cartons were brilliant, but it takes a few seconds for them to adjust, and I caught this carton in the location before it was able to camouflage itself. What if this cupboard were full of milk cartons cleverly disguised as baked goods. Does this call for a test, should I attempt to eat all the baked goods here and see if that will give me a hint as to their real status as a type of croissant or a milk storage container?

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Tue, 23 Aug 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 18:28

Milk carton bigger than Black Mountain tower (full size)

The majesty of the milk carton (full size)

Hiding out in a burnt out Mt Stromlo Observatory telescope (full size)
Looking for milk cartons in the wild again today. The first shot rather obviously shows that milk cartons can be larger than Black Mountain Tower (perspective? whats that), which may explain why this one is not trying to hide or use camouflage. The second show, of this oh so large milk carton, showing how Majestic a milk carton perched upon a rock can be.

Looking around some more, I notice this milk carton seen in the third photo on the burnt out window sill of one of the old Mount Stromlo Observatory telescope buildings at the top of Stromlo. The disguise capabilities are equally poor here, however the burnt out building may offer the milk carton some protection from predators.

Oh and for all those of you who may wish to point out this was posted after 6pm and thus no longer afternoon, pish, it was still afternoon in Western Australia, so just imagine it was posted by someone there (it wasn't, but that is just a small detail)

[/various/milkcarton] link

Tue, 16 Aug 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 13:30
Unable to find inspiration for some milk carton photo today, and no one has sent me photos of exotic foreign milk cartons from all over the world yet, so once more I will resort to some links to milk cartony things.

For the geeks among us, this is an interesting bug filed against some milk cartons. I wonder if these people really want to run gdb on the core of a milk carton or not (the core of a milk carton would probably just be a whole bunch of milk, unless someone filled the carton with something else, like gravel).

For anyone who was massively confused by the above paragraph (heck knowing how little sense I make sometimes I suspect that would be almost everyone) I found this milk is milk blog, lots of stuff pertaining to milk cartons and cases put to the US FDA pertaining to milk cartons.

[/various/milkcarton] link

Tue, 09 Aug 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 16:17

Milk Carton in the Bush (full size)
I was out mountain biking this morning and sighted a milk carton attempting to blend into the native Australian bushland. I was able to get close enough to take this photo. I am afraid this species of milk carton may be somewhat rare due to how poor it's attempt at camouflage here is.

There are no OAK's here and thus attempting to blend into GUM or WATTLE or similar will not work with the OAK all over the place. If I was able to so easily spot this milk carton and take photos I am sure the natural predators of milk cartons are also able to take advantage of this stupidity.

[/various/milkcarton] link

Tue, 02 Aug 2005

Tuesday afternoon milk carton blogging - 16:25

Imprisoned Milk (full size)
They have these milk containers walled in and behind glass (this photo was taken while holding the fridge door open, to allow the plight of the milk cartons to be captured more clearly), the milk cartons can not even feel the sweet air of freedom without outside assistance, the other dairy product packaging was not massing around attempting to set the milk cartons free. Oh these poor milk cartons, trapped until some kind and generous human comes along to set them free.

Though I wonder what other patrons at the retail outlet thought of some nut in cycling clothing taking photos of milk cartons in a fridge, that is of little interest however when compared with the plight of these imprisoned milk cartons. I am however glad to see that even in captivity the natural order of things is maintained, the milk carton is on top lording over the new and far less important 2 L plastic milk containers.

Update: I also just noticed, if you do not wish to be infected with footy head issues you can still buy the remaining milk carton with no Canberra raiders stuff printed upon in. Yet another way to ward off the return of Raiders Lime. (yes Lime flavoured milk sold by Canberra Milk in the early 1990's when the Raiders won the end of season thingy a few times)

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Tue, 19 Jul 2005

Tuesday afternoon Milk Carton blogging - 14:32

Magnetic cow (full size)
This may not look much like a milk carton to the untrained eye. (or for that mater to the trained eye) I suppose anyone suggesting that this is not in fact a milk carton may have some semblance of accuracy on their side. Okay I admit this is a photo of a soft toy cow with magnetic feet.

However it is a cow, think about, the cow is the raison d'etre for the milk carton, without cows there might now even be milk cartons. Oh sure I hear you speak of Goats milk, soy milk and coconut milk and all manner of strange alternatives. However with out the ingrained connection with cows milk that exists in our society we may in fact have ended up with some alternative packaging. (forgetting for a moment that blame for the Tetra Pak (along with Safety Match, Ball Bearing and Dynamite (reference)) can be placed on the heads of the Swedes)

The cow with the magnetic feet pictured was acquired in the Udder Cow Cafe in Comboyne before the 2005 Polaris Challenge in March. Really what better item is there to brighten your office if you are unable to keep a milk carton handy, but a cow with magnetic feet.

[/various/milkcarton] link

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