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Sun, 24 Jun 2007

So many axes so little time - 17:15
I stumbled across this Buffy quote the other day "Buffy: I now have my weapons categorised from A to Z, from axe to... zee other axe"., definitely got me smiling. Thus I am wondering, can I think of an axe for every letter in the alphabet just to complete her weapons categorisation that may just be entirely made of axes.

A: Axe
B: Broadaxe, Battle Axe
C: Climbing Axe, Copper Axe
D: Dareg Axe
E: Ettin Axe
F: Firefighter's Axe, Frankish Axe
G: Gothic Axe
H: Hatchet, Halberd, Huribat
I: Ice Axe, Irregular Axe (yeah so I made this one up to accompany Regular Axe)
J: jey'naS (double sided klingon battle axe)
K: Klingon Battle Axe ('alngegh (single sided with a spike) or jey'naS (double sided))
L: Lumberjack Axe, Light Axe, Labrys
M: Maul
N: Nail Axe, Nzappa zap
O: Ono (japanese)
P: Pollaxe
Q: Quality Axe (thanks Brad)
R: Regular Axe
S: Spike Axe (this could almost be a specialist weapon in Buffy <g>), Star Axe, Stone Axe
T: Two Handed Axe, Throwing Axe, Tomohawk
U: Undead Killing Axe (again thanks to Brad, this is Buffy after all, I am sure she has such a weapon)
V: Valaska (Slovak), Viking Axe
W: Wood Axe
X: X (which is indeed an Axes, thanks Bill)
Y: Ye Olde Axe (another one from Bill)
Z: Zee other Axe

Thanks to Bill for X and Y, thanks to Brad for Q and U.

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