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Tue, 09 Oct 2007

Must remember to take 305 and use it - 21:08
Tonight I forgot to use my Forerunner 305 (mentioned previously) with me when I went out to do something. This time it was the ARNuts run, we headed up on to Black Mountain from Wilf's place. Susie and Mark and Heather probably all had some form of similar device but alas not my data. Not so bad, so I missed recording a hilly 1.5 hour run.

However on Sunday just past I was out at Googong dam competing in the Sri Chinmoy Googong Multisport race and forgot to take the HRM out with me. This is a great shame as it would have been interesting to see a direct on the day comparison with the different disciplines and what my heart rate was in each. Also the map would have been interesting to have a look at from running, paddling, riding and running again around the Googong area.

The Googong race was a lot of fun, I should get around to writing a quick report if I can, this was the second time I have ever run off the bike as opposed to a leisurely stroll to a sit down at a cafe for coffee off the bike which is more the norm for me. But hey check it out I have been seen running.

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