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Thu, 16 Sep 2004

The ongoing turning to the darkside - 15:16
Although I tried to interest a bunch of people in a real off road Bacon ride this weekend, everyone is intent to ride their road bikes Saturday. The darkside beckons, or something. Heidi may have a point that Morgs is roadie scummm <g>, after all the road ride that is happening is a longish one he and Chris thought up. As I am planning to spend most of Sunday on the mtb I guess I can join in with the roadie stuff on Saturday. Alas poor Bacon I knew him Jim. (that sentence will only make sense to Baconners so don't stress if it seems strange)

As for this week, well was up doing stuff for the Bilbys pretty late Tuesday night, so got to sleep around 12:30am, I forgot to set my alarm, and thus missed out on the Wednesday morning road ride, however as I woke up at 9am I probably needed the sleep anyway. So for the rest of the day I was looking longingly outside wanting to go for a ride. Eventually just before 5pm I hopped on the road bike and rode over to Mitchell, back to ANU, out to Warramanga and back to ANU. A nice 45KM at a mostly easy pace. This morning was Majura with Jaymz, Mike, and Tanja. (Jez opted out as, being a man of leisure currently was heading out to Kowen with Andrew Rowe at 8am for some bigger kays) Lunch was a fun play on Mt Ainslie, so far today it was 26KM this morning, 10 KM more commuting and running an errand, and 18KM at lunch. All fun.

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