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Mon, 11 Apr 2005

Shaving those excess links from the file - 23:37
Well I still need to complete the email to all delegates for lca2005 I intended to send out today, it is well after 11pm, I have to be awake at 5:15am in the morning and I have a bunch of other stuff to do, why in hell am I blogging (apart from having no time for the activity for a while and thus not having done so for a while) ahh well creative mismanagement of time in the blogspace happens once more.

In response to Mikal's ponderings on shaving direction, I always go with the grain, basically because otherwise I get the ingrown hairs and pimples and stuff as he has kind of noticed. I had more than enough problems with acne as a teenager (I was on roaccutane (also an abc radio program about roaccutane) for a while among other things) so I tend to try to avoid anything faintly resembling acne now days.

As for shaving those links, though I do not yet have time to write about my chicken coop terrorism in response to Mikal building a chicken coop, I do feel the need to offload some links (half the reason being so I can find them again easily).

From boingboing, cool the English language wikipedia will be available on cd/dvd, this is probably a great resource, basically an article with links to and suggestions how to find good images and the like online. After spending some time in the last few weeks for the conference and myself trying to find artwork for things it sounds great if it can be made easier.

From time to time Mikal, myself and others have commented on how annoying Planet is as a news aggregator, one of the big problems is it has completely and utterly broken date handling that is non trivial to fix. I saw a link on planet debian somewhere about someone using Rawdog for this task (aggregating feeds into a webpage), well documented and hopefully not as broken, if I ever have time I should check it out. (oh and unlike planet, this is in debian)

Heh, this fucking beautiful fucking piece of fucking writing fucking rocks. (like a great like excuse to like swear my like arse off like on my blog, like you fucking know?)

So during lca meetings and I suspect at other times Mikal has a habit of being creative when he answers the telephone. The Apostropher suggested these creative Pizza place answers (in audio so you could podcast them I guess) were amusing, who knows.

On another note I have had my Smashing Pumpkins, Siamese Dream album playing since getting home at 8:30pm, damn fine album this.

I have a bunch more links I really need to clear out of my must blog about file, but for now I need sleep more. First thing tomorrow get the instructional email out to lca delegates. The longer I leave it the more of a book they will have to read in one email...

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