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Thu, 26 May 2005

Back in the game - 16:26
Well I guess I should post a diary entry once more. I returned from NZ on Monday evening so am settled back home and at work. I crashed in Majura Pines this morning and skinned my left knee and hurt my back a bit, my back is hurting a bit still. NZ was a hoot, photos and a detailed write up will probably appear in a while.

Clearing the links a bit, this vi reference mug (found on kottke) would probably be a great gift for Jeremy (who enjoyed pointing out that at lca 2005 vim had just under half of total preferences and vi was second with ~ 1/5th) or any other vi fan, or maybe as a subversive gift to a non vi user in an attempt to make them use it more. I am predominantly an emacs or joe user so who knows what affect it would have on me.

Editor stats from lca2005

    name     | number 
 vim         |    220
 vi          |     99
 emacs       |     93
 nano        |     24
 XEmacs      |     21
 gedit       |     12
 joe         |      6
 kate        |      6
 nvi         |      5
 Notepad.exe |      4
 kedit       |      4
 cat         |      2
 bbedit      |      2
 jed         |      2
 vigor       |      2
 ludwig      |      1
 vile        |      1
 Dde         |      1
 ae          |      1
 SCite       |      1

Clearing some links, this kitten war (found on kottke) site is apparently rather addictive, at least Alli and Chris thought so, I would not be surprised if it uses up an inordinate amount of cat lovers time, Martijn for example may well become hooked. Someone on boingboing has pointed out a longer running site of a similar nature, Rate My Kitten, too.

Back on may 5th this story was linked from kottke, it is good to know that even if stealing underpants may not be profitable, you may be able to make a living from T-shirts in this day and age. Seemingly 1. think up a design 2. sell it on a t-shirt 3. profit! actually works. Definitely a good read about more cool t-shirt stuff, if only cycling jerseys had such creativity applied and were so easily available. (I suspect the price may kind of limit the market, T-shirts can sell for AUD $15 or sometimes less, Cycling jerseys sell for around AUD $80).

I am admittedly a comics geek to some extent, so along with pop culture references and other thighs I admit I thought this Bad. Motha. Fucka. (once again found on kottke on may 3rd) list was rather cool. The author listed 100 people he thought deserved a Bad. Motha. Fucka. wallet as owned by Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. I wholeheartedly agree with many of these, and leant something about some people in there I had never heard of. Also it helped convince me I totally need to see he Joss Wheedon series Firefly soon. The list includes the likes of Inigo Montoya, Spike, Ford Prefect, Herbie, Rod Serling, Chthulhu, Dangermouse, Peter Venkman, Lt Uhura, Jay Garrick, Data, J'Onn, J'Onnz, Zoe Warren, Eric Draven, and Scully plus a bunch more.

Back on April 14th, Dooce had this to say about boy bands

What is not up for discussion, however, is Led Zeppelin and how much she will love them, how she will kneel at the altar of The Who and pray to the God of Radiohead. And lo, I command that she name her first child Pete and her second child Townshend, lest her soul and flesh burn for eternity, her salvation lost to The Demon, Boy Bands.

Oh so true, friends don't let friends raise children who listen to boy bands or Britney or similar market created pop crap music.

Also on April 14th was this on Boing Boing about the automatic academic paper generator (I also saw some comments about this on Planet Debian, and from Brendan at work). The Paper Generator is released under GPL and they authors actually had a paper created by it accepted by an academic conference. I wonder if this sort of thing will become popular with cheaters or similar, GPL'd software that will pass your degree for you.

Yet another rather cool (or should that be 1337) thing from google. 600673, or google in leet speak. All the results come back in leet too. As for jokes (which I of course was not talking about) I agree that this joke is good.

What do vegan zombies eat?

More humour from The Onion, a story titled "Pope Killing Virus Claims Another Victim" which had me giggling for a while. I found mention of it in a story linked from kottke about how the Onion staff go about creating the Onion.

Anyway I have a bunch more stuff in my to blog file but have run out of time, maybe I will get around to more later tonight.

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