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Mon, 30 May 2005

Hit a roo - 14:36
While driving to Tumut yesterday morning to compete in the 2005 ACTRA Cyclegaine, with registration opening at 8am and knowing the drive took 2 hours (via Picadilly Circus) I picked Marea up at 6am. On the way through Coppins Crossing, doing about 70KMh, about 1KM before the crossing a Kangaroo jumped out in front of the car, I saw it maybe half a second before it hit.

We stopped, turned around and went to look at the Kangaroo, it was dead, completely motionless and off the side of the road. When we went to get out of the car to look we discovered the impact with the side of the car had broken some stuff. The front passenger side door could not be opened and the left hand blinker is now clicking about twice as fast (apparently that means it is slightly broken).

So Andrew definitely has a point, Kangaroos do not have good road sense. This happened next to a farmers gate at about the only place the road down toward coppins crossing widens enough for a kangaroo to be out of the way of headlights and it hopped across in front of me as I got within 5 metres of it. This is a large part of why we do not do the Cotter/Uriarra roadie ride through winter, in the dark there are too often Kangaroos or Wombats next to the road that we can not see until they hop or Wander in amongst the bunch of bicycles (doing 60 KMh down toward Cotter in the dark).

Now I have to give the insurance company a call and see if I can sort out getting this fixed.

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