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Thu, 23 Jun 2005

Hunting for the rose - 21:57
Mikal has from time to time mentioned he has a photo of a rose that people deep link to from all over the world, or have as their blog header image or something. The mikal rose photo is here, just so I can do the link thing to annoy him too. He has warned, just to mess with the minds of the millions of teenage girls linking to the photo, the image may change at some future date to a naked mikal photo, so be warned, just in case you feel the need to click on the link.

I wondered for a minute if other rose photos would be popular if say I put one online, I used to have a photo of a rose as a desktop background on my computer back in about 1996 so I think I have a photo somewhere. Then I decided there was no really good reason for me to put a photo of a rose online, I will simply have to live with the dope or marijuana leaf image from my old website. Of course I did not know when I first used that image that I should name the image file something descriptive (though the photo did predate google so maybe it was not quite so relevant back then). Anyway in order to correct that oversight I have copied the image twice and named it marijuana_leaf.gif, and dope_leaf.gif.

marijuana leaf
/ dope leaf

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