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Fri, 30 Dec 2005

Spud stacks and other cleat stories. - 22:03
I see Andrew is dealing with some of the problems we all face when we first start using clipless pedals. Sure eventually using clipless pedals becomes second nature and you do not even think about it, however for the first week or so in every new clipless pedal owner's life there are spud stacks, usually with an audience. Heck I remember one of mine, I had purchased a pair of Onza clipless pedals in Los Angeles and bought them home with me around January 1994. I bought a pair of shoes and went out riding, at a traffic light near Telopia park I pulled up, with some pedestrians watching and many car drivers able to see, and toppled over.

I am pretty sure every cyclist using clipless pedals you ask has some similar story or a few such stories. Interestingly Andrew's fall this time was caused by a loose cleat rather than forgetting to twist out, so he is probably doing better than many cyclists in remembering to use the pedals properly. I know the loose cleat problem is annoying, I did the majority of the 24 Hour race solo last year (2004) with a loose cleat, I had wondered why it had been so hard to get my left foot out of the pedals when I stopped, I did not actually realise I had lost a cleat bolt and that it was loose until the day after the race (I think that shows how out of it I was during the race), that and the broken front wheel axle definitely made the race more interesting...

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