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Fri, 20 Jan 2006

Damn Mont rock - 11:08
Mont Packs
Mont Packs (Full Size)
I had to visit the Mont factory to talk to Dave Edwards (one of the owners) about something briefly (I deal with them for CORC a lot). I happened to mention I may need to visit again tomorrow as I am not sure any of my packs were the right size for the three week trip to New Zealand I was embarking on.

Dave said, well we have a few of our Astro Travel packs we use as demos and for testing purposes, you could borrow one of them for three weeks. Wow, thanks Dave. Of course now I feel the need to convince everyone to buy one <g>, I will know better how well they perform in three weeks of course. For now I have a photo of the Astro pack, the Day pack that comes inside it and my bike bag packed and ready to head for New Zealand in my room this morning.

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What a coinkidoink. - 10:21
Sorry about the spelling above, I probably can not help it, just as I feel the need to refer to that great northern land of mountain bike and skiing terrain as Canadia rather than the more common name other people use for it.

Anyway last night I had gotten home from work and received phone call from a AC Nielson person performing a phone survey of ACT residence on our perception of the Australian Federal Police wok in Canberra. I thought sure I have a few minutes I can answer some questions.

At the end of the survey the woman asking the questions requested a bit of additional information, one item of which was my occupation. When I answered Programmer/System Administrator she happened to mention, "that is what my Son does down there (meaning in Canberra), though he is not there right now, he is in New Zealand", to which I responded is does he happen to be attending a conference? when she answered that yes he was, I said is it in Dunedin? when she answered yes I realised he was another person attending 2006. Thinking about it I probably know the guy (though she never said his name), after all there are not many Canberrans attending LCA, and I probably know most if not all of them from CLUG and maybe previous conferences. I remember her name was Bridget (though I forget her surname), anyway just another strange random coincidence.

Who knows I may see him there next week, I am looking forward to a lot this year as I did not get to actually see much in the way of conference last year strangely. Mike and his crew have lined up some excellent speakers, it is going to be a hoot.

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