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Sat, 18 Mar 2006

Competing after a log <-> shin interface moment - 14:35
The result of a log shin interface moment
The result of a log shin interface moment (Full Size)
Yesterday morning on the Friday morning ride I was riding along in the dark down a track, my lights focused on the centre of the track had not highlighted a large log poking toward the edge of the track at just above horizontal pedal height. I however was lucky enough to find the log with my right shin, damn did that hurt. I stayed up right on the bike and rode down to a more convenient stopping point. I needed to sit down until the queasy feeling in my stomach passed (about 5 minutes) but was then able to continue riding.

It hurt but if I kept my foot fairly still while pedalling I was able to ride, which is fortunately still the case. I am however having trouble walking and am unable to run right now as when ever I flex my ankle in any direction it hurts a lot. I was lucky the log moved backward with the impact as I am fairly sure I would have a broken leg right now otherwise. Of course the problem with an injury is that tomorrow I will be doing all three bike legs in the Sri Chinmoy Jindabyne Multisport Classic with the rest of my triple tri team plus Shanyn's partner Randall doing the Kayak legs (Team name "Don't Nobody Move" (another Ani inspired name)). For this I should be able to compete as hopefully there will not be much walking involved in any of the bike legs anywhere (unlike the triple tri which does have some walky sections) and I do not need to run.

Right now I just have to hope I heal reasonably fast as next weekend I am competing in the AROC 24 Hour Urban Adventure Race (team of three with Marea England and James Gardner). This event will have significant amounts of running and a heap of other stuff, I just hope my shin has healed and the swelling gone down to the extent I can run well enough by then.

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