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Sun, 04 Jun 2006

Taking it easy in a race - 13:21
I drove out and competed in the CORC XC race this morning at the Sutton Rd XC course. I really enjoy the course, and not many people ever get out to ride it much, I know I do not. The single tracks in some sections are deeply reminiscent of the tracks through the Labyrinth and Kowalski sections of Greenhills. They are also remarkably smooth tracks for the lack of riding they get.

I took the single speed out and raced on it, there were around 5 other single speed riders there (mostly in different categories though) (Mal Bennett, Andrew Cassie, David Austin and some I do not know). I decided to take it easy and rather than race in my normal category and try to go fast I went down to an easier category and simply rode comfortably mid pack, overtaking people when I felt like it and generally not working too hard. I should race XC more often to get my speed up, however I was no in the mood for a workout today so it was rather pleasant taking it easier in a slower grade.

Due to the number of single speeders there this race and I know a few more people who race (either there or absent this week) have them, we may try having a separate category for Single Speeders (and probably for cyclo cross riders) to compete in at the next few XC races and see if people are keen for a specific category. Anyway fun was had.

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