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Tue, 04 Jul 2006

Oh so slow - 23:03
So on the weekend I competed in round 4 of the working week series, mens pairs with David McCook. The results came out today and I was able to see how incredibly slow I was. I should have been able to consistently lap at under 30 minutes per lap all day. I did not crack 30 minutes at all, all day I was finding I could not climb at speed. I guess the heads up I had on Stromlo last Monday was pretty much accurate, I really am a bit slower than I should be at the moment.

I am beginning to consider actually training for the first time in my life (as opposed to going out and having fun on the bike all the time). In order to do this I should probably learn a lot more about training and physiology. Three books that could help if I choose to buy them are "Bike Racing 101 by Kendra and Rene Wenzel", "The Cyclists Training Bible by Joe Friel" and though not cycling specific it sounds good (I read the first page or two on Amazon) "Running: The Athlete Within by David Costill".

I had a look at the ANU library and there does not seem to be anything on exercise physiology or similar topics (probably because that sort of stuff is taught at UC instead). The ACT Library service seems to have a few books that may be of interest so I can read them first though.

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