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Sun, 12 Jul 2009

Snap! - 18:33
Riding to a meeting on Friday afternoon on my CX bike (Jake the Snake) I was turning onto Northbourne and accelerating when suddenly I hear a crunch noise and my back wheel locks up. Looking down as I skid to a stop I see my rear dearailleur jammed into the back wheel. The hanger had snapped, not due to a stick or anything, maybe a tight kink in the chain, very strange.

Getting my hands greasy and black trying to pull stuff off I eventually had to tie it all onto the frame and scooter my way home to grab the car. I bought a new hanger already, the derailleur was a bit bent however I think I have straightened it enough to work, the chain was now definitely bent so I will need to go and buy a new chain, also the back wheel suffered one broken spoke. I think I may finally build a better back wheel for this bike than the stock Aksium it came with, as I have an open pro rim and some spokes that should fit an ultegra hub in the shed I may do that soon.

Also I have just put bars and stem I like more (rather than the cinelli stuff that was there) on to the fixie, along with new black and white grip tape to match the panda on the bars. I fixed the front hub on my main geared mtb yesterday by putting two new bearing races into it, now it is smooth and no longer loose.

The other thing I was just trying to do was to see if I could get any more air out of the rear brake line on the new single speed. When I picked it up the rear brake could be held to the bar while pedalling. So I grabbed some Shimano brake oil and squeezed as much air as would come out easily from the hose last Monday. However the brake still comes too far in for my liking. However when I was working on it last Monday I must have stripped the stupid (anything smaller than 3mm is stupid IMO) allen key screw on the lever for bleeding so I could not remove it to try again today. Need to get a bike shop to swap the bleed screw now (and may be soft and get it bled at the same time)

I competed in the CORC XC race at sparrow this morning on the new single speed, all went well, except my rocking up late so I raced in sport C rather than sport B men. I started riding about a minute and a half after the field started. As I was starting late and riding a rigid single speed I thought it may not be completely unfair to be riding down a grade. However looking at the results I won the race. Ooops, I really should have been in my normal grade. (I could have raced single speed, it did not really occur to me at the time, and that would have been fairer, I would have come 5th or so with my time today)

Anyway Jake the Snake is off the road at least until I buy the new chain and get a new spoke for the Aksium. The other bikes are all reasonably alright though. On Wednesday night I changed the tyres on the new road bike to the Specialized Armadillos as I got sick of the Continental light weight racing tyres flatting so often. I should get back to commuting around the place on the fixie anyway rather than Jake so this is good incentive to do that for a while.

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