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Tue, 10 May 2005

Bring on the Rustyisms - 19:36
As Mikal mentions we had a post lca organisers dinner at Rocksalt last night. Very good food and wine, though it appears I am a Scallop slut.

The idea of dining out to me, to a large extent, is to consume dishes you could not cook (either due to skill or not wishing to put in the effort) at home. So recently dining at a rather fancy restaurant in Sydney (April 8th, the night of my sister Jane's honours graduation and birthday this year) one of the dishes I had was some form of scallop (I mean the sea food, not the fried potato things). Last night I once again ordered a scallop dish as an entree, this may eventually be as bad as my eggplant while eating out habit, who knows.

One thing of note, after a few glasses of wine, Rusty started sprouting the odd entertaining quote, or "Rustyism". Not necessarily incorrect, mostly amusing, though one somewhat strange. Mikal wrote some of these down with pen and paper technology and claims he will share them with the world at large soon. Bring on the Rustyisms.

And more of my weird Mikal blog stalking, I did not bother reading his brother's post, but I wonder what Mikal is on about here with the uniqueness thing. I have no idea who Dan Brown is, I refused to see the Titanic, Jane and I both decided it was going to be asinine crap and the 1953 movie is good anyway. (and more accurate) Fortunately my girlfriend at the time (1997) saw the movie and agreed with me that it was crap so I was spared the pain of sitting through the movie. OF the recent LoTR and Star Wars movies, I saw the first of each, but have not had the time (well inclination and thus made the time) to see any more since. I have however read the first 4 Harry Potter books, largely because I am a book junkie and my friend Rebecca was going on about how great they all were. They were IMO reasonably entertaining, but not as many seem to think the second coming or anything.

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