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Tue, 27 Dec 2005

Extending the Tuesday loop - 12:05
Most Tuesday mornings I head out with a bunch of other mountain bikers to do the Cotter/Uriarra loop on a road bike. This being the height of holiday season I expected there would not be many others there this morning. In order to avoid riding in the heat of the day I decided to head out early anyway. No one else rocked up so I headed off by myself with my mp3 player on, I decided to extend the loop a bit today as I did not need to be at work around 9am.

Last year when Allan was off work for a while he was trying to talk a bunch of us into doing Condor Creek during the loop, this is not really viable as it would have us returning to town around 8:30am rather than around 7:45am (an extra 10 KM with some climbing). However as I was able to do a choose my own adventure style ride this morning I went out to the end of the bitumen up past Condor Creek, then I also headed out to the end of the bitumen past Uriarra Crossing, and eventually returned to civic at 9am on the dot for a coffee and then home.

A most pleasant way to spend the morning, turning the cranks over by myself, not pushing the pace at all.

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