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Tue, 27 Jan 2009

Mobile woes, in need of a phone protector protector - 17:37
So when I switched to Optus sometime last year I bought a small Samsung phone at the time of the switch. I kind of like my Telstra remote area tick samsung 3g phone so thought the cheap Samsung would be alright too. This was not the case, the interface and general use I found the phone lacking (Samsung B100). Then I happened to see the Nokia 2630 in early December, the thinnest phone made by Nokia. fairly cheap and as I am most used to a Nokia interface over any others probably easy for me to get used to.

I bought one and at the same time bought a plastic protective cover for it as I seem to be able to kill phones easily. I keep them in my pocket during the day and also in a jersey pocket while cycling. Then around 2 weeks later on Christmas day the plastic protector broke on the face where the keys were, also some cracks were developing in the sides.

I wandered into Civic on Boxing day and bought a new protector, plus I saw a cool pink case for the phone so purchased that to match my laptop, mountain bike, kayak, etc. Then I used some of the special small tools at work to unscrew the old case and put the new one on. The new protector went on and I hoped it would last a bit better. This alas has not been the case, last week at LCA the case cracked apart around the edges with many cracks all around.

I am obviously in need of a mobile phone protector protector. I went into civic just now to buy something and the phone accessories shop that used to be on the ground floor in the Canberra Centre where I bought the pink case on Boxing Day is now gone. I thought about a mobile phone sock, however think that would not be good as I tend to have my phone in my cycle jersey pocket and exposed to sweat a lot. I have tried a silicon case, this does not protect the screen, also it ripped trying to pull it over the card plastic protector.

I wonder if another brand of hard case may do the job, I am a bit reticent to look for a leather phone cover as I do not want to use such an item. I am also a bit weirded out by the sudden dissapearance of the accessories shop in Civic (YIT Technologies), though it was in the middle of the corridor, I am sure it has been there for quite a few years.

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