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Tue, 14 Sep 2004

Approaching my regular fitness - 13:41
Last Tuesday I had more difficulty than usual staying with the others on the Cotter/Uriarra loop. This week was easier, I was able to climb in the middle to the front of the group, however usually I would be able to drop all but the fastest climbers. So I am still not quite back to form. I had the entire weekend off the bike, which for me is exceedingly unusual. I really want to ensure I don't have a cold at the 24 hour race. I intend to do a bit of epicosity this weekend on Sunday, and hopefully can talk people into a longish Bacon ride also on Saturday (Tuggeranong pines from Manuka and return anyone?)

I helped with timing and stuff at the CORC 3 hour day night race on Saturday and admittedly was glad not to be racing as it was raining heavily, freezing cold and muddy. Sunday turned out fine, however Marea had to go to Sydney suddenly on Friday arvo so I wasn't doing the cyclegaine anyway.

The cyclegaine had some things happen, Andrew Rowe and David Baldwin had to finish with only 3 hours of effort as Dave's rear derailleur (XTR, AUD $300 worth) exploded after a small stick got caught and twisted and broke everything. Michael Carden and Allan Bontjer competed as a team of ring ins, replacing the original team of Jim Trail and David Morgan completely, teams of ring ins amuse me.

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Timestamps and rss dates - 13:23
The problem I noticed when I started using blosxom about timestamps and the need to use date -r can be alleviated with some of the plugins on the blosxom plugin registry. For now I will continue manually keeping a list of time stamps of all the files in my diary when I first uploaded them and use that to reapply correct times when I need to change something.

I noticed when Mikal pulled my lca entries into a planet-lca that the time stamps of entries pulled from my Diary rss feed were wrong. AJ pointed out that standard blosxom needed to be patched with the <pubDate> tags and pointed out the debian blosxom package was likely already patched. He was correct so I copied the debian tags into my blosxom.cgi

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