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Thu, 13 Jan 2005

T-Shirt comments and laptop Pizza. - 22:27
Mikal told me I should write about this while we ate pizza tonight. The other week I saw a link on Metafilter about (reading the comments is suggested) a laptop bag/box made from a pizza box. Apparently the link hit slashdot also, however I missed that as I have not actively read slashdot since sometime in 1998.

Also almost amazingly I have yet to write something in my diary about a rather cool t-shirt Andrew gave me last week. Today I had 5 people comment on it when they saw me wearing it, maybe I should photograph it and write something, it is almost to be expected that I would considering the t-shirt.

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Fun morning on the bike - 09:58
The last few weeks not many people have seemed interested in the Thursday morning mtb ride, so this morning I hopped on the road bike and headed out to ride with the southside bunch. Leaving home just before 5:30am, I picked up Bruce (the guy who did all the run legs in my triple tri team the last two years, he bought himself a new road bike recently and is keen to do a bit more riding), we rode out to Woden along Adelaide Ave, going at a reasonable pace so Bruce sat behind me all the way. Arrived a bit early (5:52am), sat around chatting with Morgs for a bit and we all got rolling. Thursday morning in the Canberra Southside bunch is a recovery/easy pace ride so it was pleasant rolling through Curtin, across Scrivner, through O'Connor, up Ginnenderra drive into the AIS, back down Belconnen way and over to Limestone Ave, at this point Morgs and I split away and headed toward Dickson for the Flat Coffee ride, did another few KM with them before breakfast, also a nice easy pace. 60KM racked up on the road bike before breakfast, now a lunch time mtb ride to look forward to in the heat. Wheeee bikes are fun! :)

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