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Wed, 24 Aug 2005

Wearing the wrong socks for an interview in a warm building. - 18:56
The building in which I work at ANU was built in the mid 90's sometime, the heating/cooling system apparently works (the building is sealed so the air conditioning does not just head out the windows) by running the heaters and coolers at all times and balancing the output of them to attain a given temperature. For the past few weeks the entire cooling system has been broken, so the heaters have been pumping heat into the building unchecked by air conditioned coolness. This is bad as it means the entire building is somewhat uncomfortable to work in, it is however even worse in my area surrounded by lots of small heaters that some people call computers. I really hope Facilities and Services can fix this soon it is becoming rather stifling, I keep sneaking into the cooled machine rooms for a few minutes just to cool off.

Now in an effort to drive away the two and a half readers I may have of this diary I will talk about the socks I wore to work. These socks are worn out to the extent there is only thin gauze sock skeleton material across the bottom of the sock, I should simply throw away this, and a few other pairs of my socks and go buy more, the problem is (especially in the heat mentioned above) that my feet get smellier and feel icky all day.

On an aside there was another Environment ACT sort of backed thing going around on Win TV news tonight in Canberra and something will appear in the paper tomorrow. I have not seen the TV piece however I hear it came across fairly badly for mountain bikers as a whole. A Canberra times Journalist rang me for some input from the CORC perspective, I suspect that will appear in the newspaper tomorrow. Hopefully the piece will not come out too badly but I really have no idea what angles they are looking for here.

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