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Wed, 12 Apr 2006

Damn weak saddle bags. - 22:12
I have yet to find a saddle bag that would last. I had hoped the saddle bag I was using on my road bike would prove me wrong, after all road bikes do not traverse rough ground, the saddle bag on a road bike should not fail. On my mountain bike I tried using saddle bags for around 6 months back in 2002, I purchased three different brands (all with life time warranties) and all the bags I tried failed, on average about once a month. In the end I got sick of going in to get them replaced at the bike shop each time a bag failed and went back to carrying my tools and tubes and such in a camel back.

However on the road bike I tend not to wear backpacks, hence I need a saddle bag. I had a small Topeak wedge bag and was under the impression it may even survive to old age or something. Alas on Tuesday morning I found out otherwise, as I rode onto the road from a bike path in Lyneham the rail on the bag locked into the wedge under the saddle snapped on one side and the bag went flying onto the road. Sure I tend to have things on my bikes break often, however it is likely a function of riding once in a while, I really wish bike components did not fail and break quite so easily sometimes. This bag did last around 3 years so I guess I can put up with waiting for a warranty replacement to come through.

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One of many chainsaws, not The chainsaw. - 21:41
Oops, so I was rereading the Liberty Meadows book I have at home the other day and I noticed the "I Let Myself In With This Chainsaw" panel actually said "I Let Myself In With A Chainsaw". Thus referring to an instance of a generic chainsaw, rather than a specific well known chainsaw. This is almost a tragedy as I had named my lets be silly about stuff category here "ilmiwtc" (which is obviously an acronym of the above).

Rather than perpetuate the lie for ever more I decided instead to rename the category (to "ilmiwac") to correct the mistake, I updated the two links in my diary history to reflect the change, anyone else who linked to it, tough luck (I doubt many have)

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