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Thu, 20 Apr 2006

Today's black mountain times - 17:17
I went out at lunch to do some black mountain climbs, I did two, the first one seated the whole way in just under 12 minutes, not pushing too hard. The second climb I stayed standing the whole way, damn that hurts my feet, it took around 14 minutes. I gave some thought to doing a third climb at a fast pace however I had to go get something from home and was running out of lunch hour more than I wanted to. (considering I rocked up to work lateish today and will be going paddling in about 20 minutes so can not stay late to get through more work).

Anyway with no exercise this morning I think those climbs were a good start on todays exercise, now for some paddling to give the torso a work out also.

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If it wasn't for those darn Kids^WWind Deities - 08:15
This morning, instead of going riding my house mates and I had planned to head in to the lawns in front of Old Parliament House to watch the balloons as part of the Canberra Balloon Festival. We woke up and I drove us in just after 6am, the weather appeared fine here at home however upon our arrival at the lawns we noticed there were no balloon being inflated, as we got out of the car we discovered to our dismay the wind was too strong for the balloons.

For me getting up before 6am was nothing unusual, I believe some of my house mates were somewhat upset the effort did not have the expected returns. A bit of a shame really, ahh well, I will go and get some exercise at lunch (Black Mountain reps) and maybe we can try again on Saturday or something (before the festival ends).

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