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Thu, 04 Jan 2007

Technique and equipment adjustment - 20:28
So I went out paddling on Lake Burley Griffin tonight as I do most Thursday nights, however no one else joined me for the paddle today. I decided to take Alex's boat, a Time Machine Multi Sport Kayak, out by myself. Though not supposedly suited for a paddler as heavy as I, it is a reasonably good boat to paddle even taking that into consideration.

Anyway when I unlocked the boat and uncovered the cockpit I found Alex had left some paddles in there, as I am seriously thinking about buying a paddle soon and his was a brand I had not tried out I decided to give it a shot. Kayaking is very technique intensive, by this I mean good technique helps you go faster with less effort. This is why I have been doing a course with the Burley Griffin Canoe Club, to learn proper technique and how to paddle faster boats.

What I had not realised fully until today is how important it is to have the paddle adjusted correctly for you, I initially had the paddle too wide and got sore arms using it, sorer than I should have for the distance I had paddled. So it all plays in together technique and equipment (and better technique allows you to use your equipment more effectively), when I came back to shore I adjusted the paddle length a bit and got back in, all of a sudden my arms did not seem so sore and I could get a better stroke and rotation.

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Rotten Eggs? - 11:42
We had a plumber in this morning to clear some drains and fix some taps and stuff. I discovered the period of time when the plummer is stinking up half the house with some sulfur smelling thing that is redolent of rotten eggs may not in fact be the best time to be cooking or eating eggs in the kitchen. Just passing on the hint in case anyone else needs that information.

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