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Fri, 16 Feb 2007

Who says junk mail is all bad? - 19:53
A few months ago I saw mention somewhere of a new Motorola phone platform that would be coming out sometime, it had some new display technology called e-paper, apparently it only requires power for changes in display, not to maintain any of the image. In black and white (or it seems blue and white) only rather than colour as most phones have now days. The battery life should allow for something like 2 or 3 weeks between charges on standby (due to no colour lcd screen draining power and some other advances).

I saw mention of the fact that it had debuted in India already, however apart from knowing the phone was based on what Motorola called the SCPL (Scalpel) platform and that it should come out sometime in Australia I had no idea when it would be released and searching the web for "motorola scpl" in Australia had no results really. It should be a really thin (9mm thick) light phone with basics and no fancy useless crap.

Upon my arrival home today I grabbed some junk mail from the letter box and was leafing through it when I happened to notice a phone for sale called the "Motorola F3" which was obviously a SCPL phone. Woohoo, I may finally be able to get one, now if only I can find someone in Canberra who sells them rather them so I can use with my existing plan (Optus locked is not my idea of buying a new phone which appears to be what the stores an ebay Australia that I have found via google have available).

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