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Wed, 02 May 2007

Careful with your fact checking when tim tams are at stake - 15:34
For some reason I placed a bet about some capability of a new piece of hardware at work with a colleague. His terms were a packet of my preferred biscuits (dark chocolate tim tams) to the winner. So I sat own and tested the fact we were discussing in this hardware. At first look it appeared I had been wrong. So I told him and gave him a packet of tim tams from my office supply.

For some reason I still was surprised by this so I did some deeper checking and realised I had been correct all along, I simply had done my testing wrong and thus I had in actuality won the bet. Though this was about 15 minutes later the tim tams were almost entirely gone by then, wow, you really need to be careful with your fact checking when chocolate is on the line.

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18 films in one sitting - 14:57
Last night I wandered into the new Dendy cinema (I think this was my first visit to the new centre) with some of my house mates to watch Paris, je t'aime (imdb) (or wikipedia).

On the whole I liked it a lot, some of the short films were a little bit off the mood of the whole, though they still were good. An example is the vampire film, a little quirky and dark compared to the rest, but still interesting. The humour in some was fantastic (such as the mime couple situated in the Eiffel Tower area by the creator of Les Triplettes de Belleville) or the incredibly strange but humorous hair salon film.

I really did not like a few of the short films (the first one with the woman pulled into the car and the later film with the couple starting out in the strip club), however one of the great advantages is any film you did not like was over soon and something new was coming along.

I think the concept worked remarkably well, a collection of short films telling a single theme/story by different people with different styles. Unlike most short film festivals, such as Tropfest, with different films (even though they include a common element) on different subjects. What came out was a good night out with some very interesting and quirky ideas and scenes from time to time. I recommend seeing it.

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