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Mon, 04 Jun 2007

A Google mail complaint - 20:46
So like all the other sheep in the world I do have a Gmail account, though I do not use it for anything much or tell people what it is. However a while ago I set it up such that it will forward all email received to my main email address. Then I subscribed the account to a mailing list I found was not delivering to my normal address correctly for some reason.

So far all of this sounds fine, however I noticed over the past week there were a fair few email on the list I seem to have missed. I logged into Gmail and found it had rather nicely stopped a bunch of spam. However it had also stopped 42 list email in the past month or three. So I went through all the spam it had stopped and marked the list mail as not spam and thus they were moved into the inbox.

Now I thought to myself I simply have to forward (or bounce) all these 42 email to myself (there is no option to reprocess them with the default forwarding rule). Unfortunately this can not be done, there is no way to mass forward or bounce email to another location. Sure I could open every individual email and forward them, but that would take forever, and I admittedly would prefer to bounce them to me so the headers remain as they should be (bounce being a feature Thunderbird also does not have even though there have been open bugs against Mozilla mail since Mozilla was open sourced, but that is another rant for another time (I am aware there have been thunderbird plugins to do this sometimes but they tend not to be up to date)).

So looking through the help files for Gmail I find they are serious that there is no way to get more than one email at a time sent on. They suggest enabling pop3 and downloading the mail. Okay so I can do this, however upon trying it is about to download all the email that has ever come through to Gmail, not just the stuff in the inbox. I only want a local copy of these 42 email, if only it were not so hard. I guess I have heard of API's for Gmail that may be the next place to look.

Admittedly I use mutt as my primary email client and am not at all familiar with Gmail so I may be missing something but so far my rather specific needs are hard to come by. I guess at least I do have access to all my email data there rather than it be closed off and locked away somehow.

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