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Sun, 08 Jul 2007

Reminded once more I should look at a tv guide once in a while - 18:04
Those bastards, so I stood around in the kitchen for the last 40 minutes or so having an enjoyable conversation with a house mate before the tour highlights package started at 6pm. We both then went to watch the tour show on SBS only to discover for some strange reason it screened at 5:30pm rather than 6pm tonight. We missed it, this is after I was mostly nodding off until 3:30am in front of the tv last night so missed seeing any of the faster or more interesting (to me) rides (Cadel Evans, Michael Rogers, Fabian Cancellara, etc). I had been looking forward to seeing the highlights package. The tv program did have it at 5:30pm so I guess once in a while I should actually look at that.

The same sort of problem happened to me last week, there was a 25 years of Australians in the tour show on tv one night last week. I did not even know it had been on until some friends mentioned it to me the following day. Damn this occasional wish to see interesting programs needing additional awareness. I guess I should upgrade my mythtv system to a release that does not drop shows off the schedule for no apparent reason and get the guide data importing properly so this will stop happening to me.

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