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Mon, 20 Sep 2004

Diary apathy. - 22:12
I wondered why Andrew's server was not responding this morning, I guess this explains it. Otherwise the reason I am writing this now is I feel I should respond to some of the things Chris has been learning about bike locks recently with some more in depth information, however as it will take time to collate the facts and dig up information I would prefer to go to bed now in order to be awake at 5:15am for the Cotter/Uriarra loop. Chris, if you happen to read this, there are already a few brands that are not as broken, Abus is one, and Kryptonite are in fact providing new not so buggy parts for consumers. However there is a whole lot more to consider with this that I will attempt to explain tomorrow sometime.

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Trying to be a real blogger. - 19:23
So yesterday Mikal said I was not a real blogger as I did not respond to him in my own online diary. Here is take two. Michael has had a discussion in blog land the past few days about blog discovery, today he talked about Google hits and macho measuring or something. It appears Mikal is simply still looking for more ways to find someone's BogoTridge count, which in this instance will be even higher as Tridge doesn't blog any more.

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Getting some riding in. - 12:19
After having last weekend off, and a slightly lower than normal week cycling KM wise last week (230 KM Monday to Friday inclusive), it was good to get some KM in this weekend. On Saturday I headed out with Morgs and the rest for a pleasant 175KM road ride (Federal Highway, Collector, Bredalbyn, Gunning (lunch stop), Gundaroo, Sutton, Federal Highway). Yesterday I hopped on the mtb and rode out to Kowen with Richard Bontjer for some time on the 24 hour course. Richard went home after one lap, I had another lap before heading home.

On my second lap I had a small crash, sliding out around a corner, not bad, just some grazes on my right arm and leg. I stopped for a few minutes after the crash and sat on my bike until I was sure I had regrouped. The course this year is 19KM, the lap took me 1 hour 12 minutes, including the time I stopped after the crash. This was at an easy pace with no significant hard effort put in, so I should be able to do a similar pace when riding solo in the race.

At the end of the second lap I was starting to run low on food and water so I decided to head back into Canberra, this time via the Federal Highway and Gunghalin so I could visit Gary and find out how he was going with his arm and all. Gary seems good, he is handling the pain well and is already talking about getting back on the stationary trainer and into running again in a few weeks. Anyway it was good to have 281KM of riding this weekend to make up for the slightly low KM count during the week last week.

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