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Thu, 02 Dec 2004

BCG does reviews. - 17:55
Cool, Martin has another website, Big Cool Guy, he even does some album reviews. I imagine this site may have come about in a similar fashion in the ozlabs office to the Where is Anton site. (some fun in the office generating another website), I suppose I could ask one of them to find out for sure, but that may spoil the fun.

People wondering about the BCG thing may be enlightened somewhat by looking at one of Martin's old business cards, possibly not as much fun as Rusty's Kernel Hocker (instead of Hacker) cards at ltc, as BCG was deliberate rather than an accident.

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Must remember to comment on this - 17:43
gapingvoid has mention of a A list of reasons from 36 bloggers discussing the question "Why Do We Blog?". Responses came from a number of somewhat prolific blog writers. Definitely interesting reading, and I want to comment on a bunch of the stuff in there for the heck of it, maybe I will have time tomorrow.

Preparing for an lca meeting tonight, and I have to fix a puncture on my mtb. A pinch flat gained, during the lunch time mtb ride, while trying to ride up a set of steps I have not previously ascended. I guess I need to practice, and remember these points.

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