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Sun, 06 Feb 2005

A naming scheme would make it easier... - 22:51
So most places that have a lot of unix computers have a naming scheme for them. This is because the name of a computer with unix installed is an important part of the computer, and the naming scheme makes things easier. For example at work we used penguin types and similar stuff until they ran out (crested, adelie, canopus, aptenodytes, emperor, king, royal, megadyptes, etc), the place I used to work in Sydney had a naming scheme based on alcoholic beverages (my desktop was Guinness, some other machines were gin, rum, cointreau) or the debian project which has a naming scheme of sorts too.

The reason this makes ones life simpler is because you do not have to spend much time choosing a name when you get new hardware, I have never had a naming scheme for hardware I use at home or whatever, thus I often spend a while thinking up new names. Every time I have gotten some computer running in the last few years I spent at least an hour trying to decide on something to call it. My desktop at home now days is called russo, due to my adoration of the actress Rene Russo, my old laptop (Apple G3 Pismo Powerbook) that now belongs to Mikey was named "shiva", though not because of the Indian god as you may expect, instead it was due to the DC character Lady Shiva. The name shiva was easy as I had set that aside as a name for my laptop for a year or two prior to purchasing one, the desktop name russo was a change from something I used for years previously that I decided should change.

Other machine names have never been as easy or straight forward. has the name calyx, which took Martijn about half a day of looking for interesting words in dictionaries and encyclopaedia's and much discussion to choose. Some other machines I have are "groki", "sarzi", "innuendo" all of which have similarly long and drawn out tales attached. The laptop on which I am typing this took me a few hours of thought to name also, I eventually chose "oneiros" which is another name for The Sandman created by Neil Gaiman. It took me a while to even decide what sort of name to look for too.

Compared to the above drawn out process, naming schemes are fantastic, pick a scheme, create a large list of possible names, hey presto new hardware requires picking the next name in the list.

On an unrelated note, I saw a link to this site "Where The Hell Is Matt" today, an American guy who was working in Brisbane, packed up and went travelling for a while and this is his travel diary. Not so unusual or interesting I suppose, except he has a very cool, inspiring sort of video on his site. See the dancing link, he does this cute little dance everywhere he visits and tapes it. (the music will probably be familiar to some Australian's as it was used in SBS advertising for a while). I admit the guy is a pretty good writer too looking through some of his posts, entertaining, inspiring, fun. Makes you want to travel. Oh and yes the Kiwi's are in a conspiracy to use the number 6 in sentences as often as they can I am sure.

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