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Sat, 26 Feb 2005

Crazy hats in the monkey sphere. - 20:27
Once again time to throw some links up here and get them out of my to blog file. Being a free software fan as I am, the use of unencumbered data formats or source data is always a good thing in my world view. This free fonts blog I saw a link to on Metafilter is a cool resource.

The 2005 Independent Food Festival Awards site is deadly. A collection or blog links to the best (With cool and quirky names too) submitted food items from food blogs around the world. I found the link via kottke, and I have to say some of the food sounds delicious, such as the Best use of a Tortilla, mmmm fresh Tortilla.

Again from kottke, an article for photographers pointing out that a better camera does not make you a better photographer. Basically saying fetishising your camera equipment is pointless and wastes valuable time that could be spent taking photos and thus becoming a better photographer. This argument is quite accurate, and really needs to be employed often in cycling circles. A better bike does not make you a better rider. Getting out and riding a lot makes you a better rider, as does increased fitness, which comes largely from more riding.

In the vein of those modified movie titles, are these new romance novel titles. (source BoingBoing).

I saw mention of a Crazy Hat Day, at some school (not at the Melbourne Cup), damn some of them are cool, I almost wish my school used to have that, what with my attempt to out hat Jim's 2003 Polaris hat last year. (I later learned he was simply wearing a beanie high on his head, not anything as cool as a felt Lapp lander hat). I wonder if we should instigate a crazy hat day at work.

For the heck of it, an article talking about the Monkeysphere (it sounds cool) and if you really feel the need to waste some time, reading through the 0xDEADBEEF archives (I link to the Metafilter mention of the list as there are good links into it and comments) should do it for you, both of these came from Metafilter.

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