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Thu, 03 Mar 2005

Fruit food - 11:13
At work during the day I tend to eat a fair amount of fruit. I have a carrot, apple, pear, banana and orange. In summer I tend to have a nectarine and a peach also, in winter I have two pears and two apples often instead. For lunch I have a sandwich or similar, then I eat the fruit and carrot through the day. Today I an out of fruit at home, I usually buy my fruit once a week at the Dickson fruit shop, I have not recently had spare time to go stock up during the day and thus I ran out. I wandered across to the Uni supermarket and bought a pear, apple, peach, nectarine and banana a few minuets ago, it cost about AUD $4.50. I buy 6 days worth of fruit at Dickson for AUD $15 - $20. It really shoes why it is more effective to fruit shop at a supplier when you look a the price difference involved. Tomorrow morning, I may just have time to pop over and by more fruit. I do not however think I could possibly get through AUD $200 worth of fruit every fortnight as Mikal said his family does, which means I may not be able to get it home delivered as they do.

Last week on kottke there was a link to an article, "A Vernacular Web", that sort of reminisces about how the web used to be in the 90s. Entertaining to read through and remember what our websites used to be like (I will not link to any of my old geocities pages, even if there is a small chance they still exist, but yes I did create some seeming monstrosities).

Cory on BoingBoing had a link to this article about two British students who are planing to travel to the US and spend 8 weeks breaking lots of stupid laws. Rock on.

I know I should let this one be, but I just love how much fun can be had with the English language sometimes. Michael Davies finished a book review in his diary with the following statement. "On a scale of 1 to 5, this book is a must read.", this of course has me wondering where exactly on Michael's scale, using the numeric units 1 to 5, does the point "a must read" fall?

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