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Mon, 14 Mar 2005

Bright shiny head torchy goodness - 15:38

Princeton Tec EOS Light (full size)
I got home from from the 2005 Polaris Challenge late last night (around midnight). Marea and I had a hell of a lot of fun at the event this year. No major mishaps, we fared pretty well. A full report will follow soon. For now I feel like sharing the new toy fun.

For a while I have been thinking I should get a head mounted light I can wear around when camping. One would probably be useful for other stuff also, such as pulling computers apart, or working on a bike, especially doing both activities in sub optimal lighting conditions. The light shines where you are looking and frees up both hands for doing stuff.

The Luxeon LED technology has been getting more and more attractive all the time. Mikey built up a 3 Watt Luxeon star into a very sweet bike light, brighter and far more efficient than a 5 watt halogen light. I had in mind that a Luxeon would make a rather good head torch, brighter than a few LED's and better energy usage than halogen lights.

One of the items of compulsory equipment at Polaris is a torch for the overnight camp, I had a Maglite handy for that, however upon arrival at the event centre on Friday afternoon I saw the Princeton Tec lights Huw was selling at the event and this EOS 1 Watt Luxeon based light was far too tempting to ignore. 3 Brightness levels and a flashing mode.

I used the light a fair bit on Friday night while marking up my map as I found the lighting in the accommodation we stayed too dim, then at the camp on Saturday night I did not even need to use the two brighter settings, in the tent and wandering around camp the dimmest setting was easily bright enough to do everything by.

Lightweight, handy size, probably waterproof enough to swim with so it will survive heavy rain, works well. I am a happy purchaser. The price was reduced from the normal AUD $89 to AUD $69 at Polaris.

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