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Mon, 09 Feb 2009

Exercising in the heat. - 11:24
Saturday Jan 31 I headed out on the ride to Yass and back via the back roads (gps map) which is a lovely ride, however on this day the temperature got up to 38 degC. It was fine riding out there as we arrived in Yass around 9:30am and it was only 23 degC or so. However the ride home was somewhat brutal, we stopped for a swim at Uriarra Crossing, then by the time we were at the top of the third sister climbing out we were dry. Upon making it to the Zoo/Aquarium I needed to hide in the shade under a tree while Anne got some cold drinks from the aquarium to restore sugar and cool down a bit. I still managed to get along to a bbq at a friend's place after the ride and then went for a quick k2 paddle with Danielle, I was however quite tired from riding over 160 KM in that heat.

Thinking about the previous weekend I should have known I would struggle in the heat, however Saturday morning just past I headed out with some AR friends to do a 100 KM road ride, due to the heat we shortened it by 10 KM and mixed it up a bit (map here), though the pace was fairly high for riding in almost 40 degC heat, I definitely struggled to stay with the others more than I normally would. I had however decided a morning exercise session would be better than the 20 KM state paddling round happening on the lake from midday onwards. The heat just got worse as the day wore on, then the winds picked up. I wandered down to BGCC in the afternoon to learn the race was cancelled half way through due to dangerous conditions and that the wind had been a problem.

I had already decided to attempt the 30 KM Burley Griffin Bash paddle race on Sunday rather than the 20 KM marathon state round on Saturday. A 9am start rather than Midday in this heat sounded much better. So I rocked up on Sunday to do the 30 KM race. I was running late so started 3 minutes behind everyone, having thrown some sunscreen on at the last second. I had only 1 gu with me to eat for 3 hours of exercise, this would prove to be my undoing. Having just thrown sunscreen on my right hand was slipping on the paddle for the first 10 KM and I was not holding the paddle as well as I should. I was doing alright for my first 20 KM with splits of around 61 minutes for each 10 KM on the gps. However I had my gu at 18 KM or so and also accidentally paddled about 1KM more than I should have not knowing where to turn around at one point.

By 24 KM I had run out of water so was able to refill my 3 L bladder from one of the rescue boats, however 2 KM later the lack of food did me in, I was starting to hypo or something and was unable to paddle and was losing balance. At this point I realised I was not going to make it back. I started heading for a lake shore but fell in. One of the rescue boats grabbed me and we loaded myself and my boat onto it and I got a lift to the finish. The main problem here was I really should have had a lot more food with me for three hours of exercise. I know this full well so do not know why I thought I could do it this time around, simply because paddling is lower intensity over this distance than I would do if running or riding.

The temperature on the lake felt nice however as soon as I finished and was back on shore it was obviously around 40 degC again, fortunately the heat has finally reduced a bit over night and so far Monday has been a nice temperature, it is forecast to stay this way for the rest of the week which is good news.

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