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Wed, 11 Feb 2009

Late out the door - 14:56
This morning I woke up for the ride at 5:35am, realised I needed lights and felt a bit drowsy (only got to sleep after midnight due to reading a bit after helping a friend do some moving). Went to put my Garmin on and it said low battery, fine should be no problem, I have done a few hours exercise in the past with it past low battery status. I obviously forgot to leave it plugged into the laptop for long on the weekend after two three hour sessions.

Got out the door, realised I need more clothing and went back in for another vest. Got back out and on to the bike when I noticed the Garmin was blank, oh well it was not going to last, no record of the ride today for me. Went back in and put a normal watch on. By this time I had squandered any time to make it to the ride start on time so chose a route that would meet up early in the loop for todays road ride.

Got there and let the fast bunch go, hopped onto the medium fast bunch, due to feeling tired I was more in the mood for something I would find cruisy than for a hammer fest. Had stretching class at lunch, reminded myself I need to do more hamstring stretching. Will do paddle time trial tonight in La Muerte, hope next week D and I can do the time trial in Matt and Amanda's double ski and see if we can improve much on our TK2 time last week of 53m19s. In La Muerte I am still not down to the 50m10s I was doing last year before Jindabyne, however I am getting lower again, down around 52m10s two weeks ago, hope to crack that in the cooler weather today.

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