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Thu, 19 Feb 2009

Same as last week. - 11:28
On the weekend I did a 90 km road ride and 10 km run on Saturday, was reminded I need to do a bit more running before Jindabyne. Swim squad Friday evening was a tough work out but I got a lot out of it I think. Sunday morning I showed a cousin who had come to Canberra for the AROC around Stromlo. Fun couple of loops around tracks out there. It was really windy and threatening to rain so did not paddle on Sunday.

On Monday I was lazy and did not do anything except stretching class, Tuesday I did not get time to do a pool session, ended up doing the ARNuts run in the evening. Wednesday I missed the road ride as I had to take Mum to the airport, I did however do the paddling time trial. The interesting thing to note here I thought is my heart rate. In the run on Tuesday night my average heart rate was 156 with a max of 181. However in the paddle on Wednesday for 51 minutes I had an average heart rate of 165 with a max of 172.

What is fascinating about this is I usually find it hard to get my heart rate up when paddling, on the Thursday evening paddles I tend to have trouble getting it over 140. However put me in a racing situation and I paddle with it up much higher. This is just more proof that racing situations really are good to force you to get real intensity that is not easily simulated in training. Time wise I did the exact same time for the 9.6KM as last week, almost to the second, 50m58s this week.

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