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Wed, 01 Dec 2004

Any point to these entries or some form of addiction? - 14:26
During November I made a point of making at least one diary entry on every work day. Basically just for the heck of it (and I thought my October calendar looked a bit empty). I do not know if I will continue with this, if this strange habit continues Mikal can probably go and label me an online diary addict.

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Full tour coverage! or how will I ever survive July? - 14:10
As pointed out by Allan, SBS have just announced they will show the Tour de France live from next year onward. Since 1991 SBS have aired a half hour highlights package each night of the tour, with their new agreement they will also have the live coverage on late at night. Cycling news also have coverage of the SBS announcement.

I shudder to think how I will live through July next year, I tend to watch maybe 1 hour of tv a fortnight most of the year. The exception is during July when, since 1992 (second year of Indurain's reign), I have avidly watched the Tour highlights package every day and in the past few years also watched the 2 or 3 live stages aired by SBS.

If this is not a good reason to get a Tivo, set up a MythTV or some other form of PVR I don't know what is.

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New mtb computer, new road rear light - 14:01
I picked the warranty replacements for the Cateye items I had fail today. One cycle computer as previously mentioned and one extremely bright flashing red rear light for my road bike (Cateye TL-LD600-BRR). I use this rear light on the road bike as it is one of the brightest tail lights you can buy, and cars are dangerous to cyclists.

Anyway the computer has the option to set the odometer distance to whatever it was previously set to (say before a battery change or replacing a bike computer), I admit it is temping to reset it to 10,377 KM as my broken computer had hit, however it kind of feels like cheating, I feel I need to put in the hard yards and get the computer past 10,000 again the proper way, which is probably what I will do.

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