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Tue, 07 Dec 2004

What other encylcopaedia is this up on pop culture. - 12:13
There has been much discussion in the online media recently about WikiPedia, kind of a battle between this encyclopaedia created by those who show up and the more traditional sort of encyclopaedia. It could almost be seen as an open source encyclopaedia vs a traditional closed source encyclopaedia if you look at it from a geek perspective.

Chris, Rusty, and Martin got into the discussion (Martin links to some other perspectives on the WikiPedia discussions). Thinking about the "Can WikiPedia be trusted?" question is to some extent pointless in my opinion, it is just another information source, all sources should be checked and taken with some amount of salt when you use them (what you use them for will also allow you to choose how much you want to rely on any one or any collection of sources).

I do however think WikiPedia is fantastic! It evolves fast, corrections often appear with in minutes, sure it may have inaccuracies but there is also a lot of cool stuff there. WikiPedia already has a large entry on the 2004 US Presidential Elections heck it even has the 2004 Australian Federal Election which generated a lot less global media and public attention. That however is all quite boring and dry, WikiPedia also contains modern pop culture references, and I have to say, would any other encyclopaedia have an entry about the Underpants Gnomes.

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