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Tue, 14 Dec 2004

Fun jerseys - 15:44

Team Six Pack full size

Team Gadget full size

Purple Pickle Peddlers full size

Astroboy full size

T-Mobile Womens Team full size
Some people did not understand my complete joy the other day when I was finally able to buy a black Maladjusted jersey. Due to this I feel the need to point out how much I like fun or unusual Jerseys to ride in.

Team Six Pack
From 1999 to 2002 Michael Carden's 24 Hour team at the Mont 24 Hour Race had a different name. 1999 Team Crash, 2000 Team Shagwell, 2001 Team Gadget, 2002 Team Six Pack. From 2000 onward they had new team clothing each year also. This is the 2002 (and 2003) team gear they wore. I was lucky enough to get an outfit even though I was not a team member.

This outfit has a few cute features, a twist top collar, the beer labels (Genuine Cold Filtered Single Track) contain the text "Established 2002" and "Contains 4.5% Av Skill Content" in small print. The side panels on the shorts are the green bubbles motif again.

Team Gadget
This of course was Mikey's 2001 24 Hour Team Jersey, once again a hell of a lot of fun to wear, the shorts have the text "Go Go Gadget" on the side panels.

Purple Pickle Peddlers
This was the jersey my 2003 24 Hour Team wore for the race. There are a few cute features. We were the Purple Pickle Peddlers (deliberate spelling) as we were to some extent jokingly trying to sell or peddle the wares of the Purple Pickle Cafe (where the cartoon character in the circle came from). There is a Pickle Me Elmo (Elmo in a jar) on the centre back pocket of the jersey. The pattern on the jersey is called pickle plate (similar to the flooring pattern) made up of a woven looking three pickle cross hatch pattern. Also the entire outfit is very purple, the shorts have pickle plate side panels.

Leading up to the 2003 24 Hour race Mikey and his team had decided not to get a new jersey design and once more enter as Team Six Pack, however Alan Vogt who had done the design work for the previous outfits wanted to do something special, so he quietly had about 20 Astroboy Jerseys made and a few of us lucky cyclists were able to buy one. Once more lots of fun to wear.

T-Mobile Womens
Now you may accuse me of selling out as this is the jersey of a US based road cycling team. However I would like to point out they are a womens cycling team, and irrelevant of that "HOT PINK FLAMES", how could I not want to wear this jersey.

Admittedly the Maladjusted jersey is not bright, or a cartoon, or some in joke or any of that, but hey I think it looks cool. Morgs and some of his friends have a jersey with a FreeBSD style demon on it (actually for a company DataFlow), their most recent jersey has a road sign on the back "Warning this rider may crash unexpectedly Next 17 KM" (the 2003 24 Hour course was 17 KM), which is also very cool.

I wish to some extent that someone made a Tux jersey. Currently the jerseys I wish I could own but really can not justify paying money for are SpongeBob and the Cookie Monster jerseys. Truly it seems as if that company is the only one to make really cool jerseys.

[/mtb/gear] link

A tad damp - 12:20
As Andrew noted, we have had some rain recently, which is a good thing. Yesterday we had a slightly less common occurrence of heavy rain. The red patches just leaving Canberra on the map to the left indicate the heaviest rain the BoM radar images display, it is rare even when raining heavily for there to be red patches on the map.

full size
I took the photo on the left looking out the front door of DCS (where I work) about 5 minutes before the radar image, so while the red dot was centred directly over us. It was neat we could have built little snow men with the hail for a while after this hail fell.

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