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Tue, 11 Jan 2005

Mtb's are slower, not by much though. - 20:41
Back home working on some of the stuff, the ride was good, hard work, fun climb, etc. As for the time, on the bike computer it said 1h12m for a 36.7 KM ride, average speed was 30.5 KMh. This is interesting, I did the same ride (work, summit Stromlo, back to work) on the morning of December 6th last year (Monday), when I did it that day I was on the road bike and it took me 1h8m for the same route. The fact that there is only a 4 minute time gap is interesting. This is not a controlled environment and I may be at a different fitness level than a month ago, but I do tend to be pretty consistent year round, it is good to see a slicked up mtb is still fast. I definitely noticed it on the climb though, where on the road bike I stayed above 20KMh all the way up the climb and was hitting 24 or so on some of the upper sections, on the mtb I was climbing between 17 and 19 KMh and only hitting 20 on the upper sections.

Update: I just remembered, I tend to be a bit faster in the afternoons/evenings than in the mornings, no idea why, but it may have contributed to the low time gap.

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Need to ride - 18:27
As brilliant as fafblog is I need to stop reading for a bit. I have not ridden much since Friday. This morning I slept through my 5:15am alarm (very rare for me to do this) and thus missed the Cotter/Uriarra loop, I awoke at 5:55am, decided to wait a bit and head out for the flat coffee ride some of the AIS staffers do. Due to this and the rain yesterday I wouldn't mind a ride. I have my hardtail at work with slicks, so my plan for the evening is, hop on speedy mtb, ride out to the summit of Mt Stromlo from the ANU Acton campus, ride back, grab my stuff from the office, go home. At home I need to change tyres on the road bike back to 23c tyres. Tweak the back wheel a bit as the build last week was a rush job. Send out the latest bunch of action items for the lca crew to work on, make and eat some dinner, it would be helpful to buy some fruit and other stuff at the supermarket, though I don't think I will have time tonight. If I finish stuff before bed time I could I am sure amuse my self some more reading faf.

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Faffing about potatos wont be old in 5 minutes. - 15:34
Yesterday on BoingBoing there was a link to some diary entry comparing Alberto Gonzales to a Baked Potato. Alberto Gonzales is the new US presidential nomination for the US Supreme Court, that however is not as important as the fact that this comparison is funny stuff. I read more entries and found this weblog Fafblog often pokes fun at the US administration, and whether you enjoy the slightly political bent or not it is constantly very funny and clever. For example, in the vein of Time's man of the year they nominated Fafblog's man of the year. Definitely on par with, and seemingly consistently more entertaining than Rory.

As for the 5 minutes thing, yesterday Kottke mentioned Dooogle, a search engine that only returns results about Doogie Howser M.D.. The concept of the search engine is amusing for about 5 minutes, after that I think it may get old. At least Whereis Anton changes and does not age as easily. Of course thinking about 80s children's shows got me thinking about shows other than Doogie Howser, such as how much I enjoyed Out of This World (teenage girl who's father is an alien, she can stop time by touching her fingers together), how much I like the theme song from that show, Bing Crosby's Swinging on a Star, and how much I would like to see the show again, though I probably would not enjoy it as much today, oh well (at least it apparently never jumped the shark). It is good to know some friends such as Mel and Lana can sing that theme song from the show word perfectly today.

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