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Wed, 19 Jan 2005

Michael, David, Michael, David, Michael, etc. - 22:04
I have noticed there are a huge number of people named David, and named Michael in the mtb community around Australia. I guess I notice as I hang out with them all a lot, if I looked at the wider community I may see a similar trend. Anyway I think I just found out why. Some data from the US Social Security department, Most popular given names 1960 to 1997 (linked from). The information is from the US, so maybe Australia is different, google can probably answer that.

It does, almost, I eventually found this page in Victoria linking to a search engine that returns the information I am interested in. In Victoria, 1960-1969 the top 3 are David, Peter, Michael. 1970-1979 top three are David, Michael, Andrew. Thus it appears the trend holds. Alas it also completely debunks some Monty Python Sketch, well for Victoria at least, who knows maybe Bruce is hiding out in New South Wales.

[/various] link

Floppy monkey things - 16:38

The Ximian frisbee on my desk full size

and in flight full size
I attended the 2002 Guadec conference in Seville, Spain. Brilliant conference. Anyway on the last day Miguel, Nat and some other people threw Ximian frisbees into the audience. I was lucky enough to catch one (pictured to the left).

This frisbee is made from a shiny material with the graphics printed upon it, bunched up a bit with a material tube containing ball bearings surrounding the material. Known commonly as a travel frisbee due to how well they compact (and maybe due to how well they show up on airport scanners with the steel ball bearings <g>) this is a very cool bit of Schwag. Kathmandu make a travel frisbee, however it is made from a more solid material and thus feels different, it also does not have Monkey logos.

I know a few people (that is where he works now, however better pages are here and here) who would kill for my Ximian frisbee. (Michael because it is cool Ximian schwag with monkeys, Jason because it is a cool frisbee that tempts you to play with it all the time and does not feel sucky like the Kathmandu one)

Of course now days, Ximian was purchased by Novell, you probably can not get new Ximian schwag for love or money today. So unless Jeff or someone has secret contacts and can source such stuff I doubt Michael or Jason can get one of these. It would however possibly be cool to get new frisbees made with the ball bearings and equal floppiness.

[/comp/schwag] link

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