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Sat, 19 Feb 2005

Rebuilt the road bike back wheel properly this time - 23:40
Due to thunderstorms being forecast for this afternoon (they did not eventuate however) I headed out on the road bike with the Bilbys Saturday morning ride rather than head out for an all day mtb ride I had been planing earlier in the week. Early in the ride I paid for the lack of effort and time put into building my back wheel after the last rim replacement, I had a spoke break, and due to how bad the spoke keys in the Topeak multi tool I had were I was unable to fix the wheel enough to continue on the long ride. (I use Park Tool spoke keys at home, and I am starting to think, as I have the same gauge nipples on all my wheels (which is the black park tool spoke key size) maybe I should simply buy two more and carry one in each of my road and mtb tool kits) I turned around, rode home, fixed the wheel and road out to meet them coming the other way on the long loop. Anyway after this (yet another problem stemming from the bad wheel build) I finally loosened off the entire wheel, put in a new spoke, oiled the nipples and put the effort and time into making a straight, reasonably well tensioned wheel, this should now have less problems.

While riding back out to meet the bunch again I saw a rider in a Purple Pickle Peddlers jersey whom I did not immediately recognise. That is kind of strange as I do know every person who owns one. Anyway after thinking about it for a minute I realised it was Aaron's sister Danielle, out for a ride with their Father (I think), good that is cleared up and no one has been selling their Pickle jerseys on the black market or something.

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Indian music and Awesome random pants. - 23:12
At dinner tonight I mentioned to my sister some Bollywood music site I had seen. On BoingBoing in December there was mention of a site put online by someone that is aimed at getting you hooked on Bollywood music. The next day someone else made a rather impressive cd cover that could be used for this collection of music, this also got onto BoingBoing

Anyway I have yet to download and listen to the Bollywood music placed online by David Boyk, but it is apparently good.

I was reading Sarah's diary yesterday, which is hosted by blogspot, when I noticed an interesting feature of the blog software. Blogspot provides some buttons along the top, one of which is "Next Blog". What this does is randomly selects another blog hosted by blogspot and loads it. Kind of like using Google's I'm feeling lucky button when searching for all blogspot blogs. This is pretty cool, sure you hit upon some crap diarys, you also however will from time to time find something to entertain you. Such as this guy who in his profile lists his interests as "Pants" (and yes I am pretty sure this is not Jeff in disguise), and has some amusing posts. One of which reminded me of something Jez Spackman pointed out at the Purple Pickle one morning.

The main Barista at the Purple Pickle is a guy named Adam, he does not serve coffee to tables particularly often as he is too busy making it, however when he does he has a distinctive character trait. Unlike most wait staff who simply say "Here you go" or some variation when handing you your coffee, Adam will always say "Awesome" as he hands you your coffee once he has identified who it belongs to. Jez liked the behaviour, something different to liven up the day.

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