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Thu, 24 Feb 2005

Tetris to bore you with - 23:46
On Metafilter this morning was a link to Tetris1d, this made me laugh, a lot.

Boingboing had a link to a new flashified version of a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text based adventure game, written by Douglas Adams himself, originally released in 1984. I have not looked at it yet, however it promises to be good, if you are a fan of Adams work, are a fan of text based adventure games, or like wasting away the day playing flash games.

On a comp/software note, I received an email from Lars Lindner (the Liferea author) in regards to my diary entry two weeks ago, in which I noticed a disk access every 5 seconds seemingly from Liferea. Anyway Lars pointed out how I could configure this off, I did so and it worked, I have now updated the earlier post. Don't you love free software, though I had the option to learn how to fix this (hop on the mailing list and ask, read the source, etc) I did not pursue this yet. Then today I get this email from the author pointing to additional ways to configure the software and it fixes my gripe.

In reality I should remember to check gconf for stuff that is gnome related, I have had issues in the past with various other gnome software, and people like BCG have pointed out gconf keys for configuring the apps, I guess I just forgot (I do not run a gnome environment, just some of the cool applications).

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