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Wed, 26 Apr 2006

Jill hands out a can of whup arse to Jack - 19:50
Jack & Jill Jersey front
Jack & Jill Jersey front (Full Size)
Jack & Jill Jersey back
Jack & Jill Jersey back (Full Size)
For a few years now Heidi has had a running joke with Mike Burden about how easily she can hand out a can of whup arse to him on a bike. Thus with her birthday this month I thought one of these jerseys would be a brilliant gift, alas they did not arrive in time to send them to her before her birthday but she can now receive a surprise gift in the post soon.

However as I love cool/less common jerseys so much, I thought it would be a shame to not see one in use locally much (Heidi lives in New Zealand of course), so I bought a second one to give to Sam. I really hope I got the right size, they appear really small however I think it should be about right (womens sizing and cut for both jerseys).

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Some shiny new parts - 18:57
Shiny new bike bits
Shiny new bike bits (Full Size)
The bar ends I use on all my mountain bikes are no longer available in Australia. Profile SOS Bar-Ends or SOS Boxer Bar-Ends, I prefer the slightly longer tipped plain SOS Bar-Ends. The Australian Profile distributor makes some claim about them being old models no loner produced, this is bollocks as many US bike stores still sell the bar end (and I believe the Australian distributor still brings in the stubby version Boxer Brief (no kink on the end)).

For the new single speed I have been slowly putting together I needed a pair of bar ends, being unable to get them here I had to make an order for them from the US, however it seemed excessive to pay US $20-$40 shipping for a US $22 item. Thus I ordered a few more items to fill out the order. 3 Pair of Oury lock on grips with clamps (one pair for each mtb) which will mean the end to grips twisting around during races and when wet otherwise (de to rain or excessive sweat). A pair of Deore V-Brake levers to use on the single speed with the V-Brakes I obtained for it. A Thomson seatpost to put on my hardtail (for a bit of bling) thus freeing up the cheapo seatpost on the hardtail for the single speed. A penguin squeaky horn I intend to attach to the single speed (damn cool piece of kit if you ask me) and of course the Profile boxer bar ends.

Retail prices in Australia are: Thomson Elite seatpost ~ AUD $200, Oury Lock On Grip kit AUD $58 per pair, Deore V-Brake Levers ~ AUD $45. Profile Boxer Bar Ends (unavailable but two years ago was around AUD $40) and Penguin Squeaky horn, no idea if that is available. I ordered this stuff from Universal Cycles as I had the drive train I purchased just before Christmas, this time including shipping I paid around AUD $300 for the lot. Probably a bit excessive, especially the Thomson seatpost but it is as you see a hell of a lot cheaper than the items in Australia.

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2006 Anzac Day Epic, down the Corn Trail and on to the coast. - 13:13
Yesterday was Anzac day, so continuing the tradition of the Anzac Day Mountain Bike Epic, JJJim and Morgs suggested riding the Corn Trail again. 15 people rocked up and had a fantastic day out on mountain bikes. Thanks to JJJim and Morgs and everyone who rocked up. I took some photos as did Crash (and Rob and Morgs), I have uploaded my 2006 Anzac Day Epic Photos (with links to Crash's and previous ADE photos)

Starting at around 9:30am at the top of the Clyde and finishing on the coast in the dark (with rain starting) at 6:30pm I think this ride attained some epic proportions.

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