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Tue, 27 Feb 2007

Times when you wish etch were stable - 11:21
I really can not whine about this as I do not do work to fix it myself, however I tried to install sarge (3.1r5) on a recent dell machine (Dimension C521) for something I was working on yesterday. First the cd would not see the cd drive or the hard disk. So I found a sarge install cd someone had created with a 2.6.20 kernel and that worked. However the next hurdle, once packages were installed was that X did not just work with the nvidia card (nv free driver in 4.3.0) in the machine.

At this point I could either try testing/etch or install from a dapper cd I had sitting in the office. As it would save burning an etch/testing cd (which we may need rc2 for a clean install anyway?) I ended up installing dapper. At least I can still use the debian packages if need be, however I am definitely looking forward to etch being stable so it will work on more recent hardware for a while.

I guess the argument could be made I should have simply used etch, and if I am going to complain at all I should get off my arse and do work on debian to help get it out the door. Ahh well, machine is up and running now and I can get the work I need done on it.

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